A divorce is a judicial process by which a marriage is dissolved. A divorce typically divides the couple’s assets and debts, determines the future care and custody of their children, and gives each person the right to marry someone else. This legal effect does not always pour over into religious settings. Some faiths, churches, and institutions require a separate annulment proceeding.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

If a couple has little or no marital property, no children and can agree on spousal maintenance and alimony, their divorce usually goes very quickly and is by las far the least expensive oakley sunglasses for men way of obtaining a divorce. For an uncontested divorce, call or email the Law Firm of Franks & Richardson, PLLC at 615.796-6093 or by using this online form for a free Case Evaluation.

However, most couples have numerous issues to work out during the divorce process. These often involve children or significant marital property including: personal property, real estate, family businesses, concealed debts, trusts, joint and separate accounts, investments, insurance, pensions and other assets. Call a Murfreesboro Divorce Attorney Today!

However, if both parties are reasonable, honest, and fair: A just, speedy, and equitable resolution is possible. Marital dissolutions do not have to be as terrible and nasty as commercial television sometimes makes it out to cheap ray bans be. With guidance, counsel, and support a marital dissolution can be the first step toward moving forward with your life.

It is our policy cheap Oakleys sunglasses as a cheap jordans online Firm to negotiate Marital Dissolution Agreements before proceeding to trial. This has the dual benefit of preventing any children from the marriage being irrevocably harmed by a long, drawn out, mud-slinging court session and the cost is significantly less to the client.

Our Firm strives to offer practical solutions for divorce NFL Jerseys Cheap and family law issues to help keep the divorce process moving smoothly.

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