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Driving Under The Influence in Murfreesboro TN

You may be worried about the impact a DUI charge can have on your life, and for good reason:

Your ability Oakleys sunglasses Outlet to drive, your insurance rates, your financial security and job opportunities can all be negatively affected by a DUI charge.

It is so important to do whatever you can to defend yourself, instead of allowing a decision to be made without your best effort to influence the decision.

If you inform yourself and consult the Law Firm of Franks & Richardson, PLLC about the possible weaknesses of a DUI case, you may find that you have a stronger defense than you previously thought. This cheap jerseys can happen when a defendant’s basic rights have been violated. For instance, if an officer stopped your vehicle without probable cause or misread your blood alcohol test results you may be able to challenge this evidence. Things like this can happen.

To help make sure nothing is missed in your case, let a Murfreesboro DUI lawyer from Franks & Richardson go over your charges with a detailed eye. You may find yourself in a better position than when you started, but you should act before you go to court.

We work toward Dropped or Reduced Charges

A charge of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) has effects that can last a lifetime, so work with a Murfreesboro DUI Defense Attorney at The Law Firm of Franks & Richardson, wholesale jerseys PLLC.

We actively pursue and negotiate to reduce and drop charges. We closely examine all of the details of your arrest Fake Ray Bans to find any inconsistencies that could help your posistion. We resolve your legal issues effectively and efficiently in order to minimize the impact of your DUI or DWI on both your  professional and personal life.

Addressing the challenges of DUI and DWI charges

    A DUI is a very serious misdemeanor that often comes down to the opinion of the arresting officer.  The arresting officer may have performed field sobriety tests, a breathalizer test, or even had  a blood sample taken. For a conviction, the state needs to prove that you were operating a vehicle on a Blizzard public roadway with blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher. If convicted, you may face a number of penalties and hefty fines, including:

  • Jail or prison time
  • Large fines
  • Community service
  • Probation
  • Suspended or revoked license
  • Loss of commercial license

DUI convictions can affect your future both for current and future employment. DUI convictions show up on background checks for many years, so your future or even current employer will be able to see your conviction. This could result in loss of employment, ridicule, and unwanted stigmas.  They may also affect your current job, as the state revokes commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) right after your arrest.

With so many variables, leave nothing Ray Ban sale to chance. We extensively review your case and all relevant documents to find all the details that can help lead to reduced or dropped charges.

The Law Firm of Franks & Richardson defends your constitutional rights and reduces the impact of a DUI or DWI on your professional and personal life. We also assure you that our unmatched research will diligently research the facts of your case, the arrest warrant, and the conduct by the police to ensure the state has done their job and not trampled your rights.

Move on as efficiently as possible after your DUI or DWI with the help of The Law Firm of Franks & Richardson. We understand the traumatic impact of an arrest and accordingly offer free consultations, so call us now at 615-796-6093 or contact us online. 

Individuals charged with  are often unsure what to do about their case. If you want to get information about the legal process and prepare a defense before you go to court for your DUI, consider talking to a Criminal Law Litigation Attorney. Our attorney  can answer your questions about your alleged drunk driving case.

Schedule a free case evaluation meeting with Murfreesboro DUI Attorneys at Franks & Richardson by calling 615-796-6093 or by using our online form for a free Case Evaluation.